Explore some of the projects I've helped manage and develop, as well as the stories behind each project.

Purely OT project

UI Design, Front-End Development

Refresh of Occupational Therapy website, with blog powered by Sanity CMS, forms connected to FormSpree and utilising Radix-UI headless component library to ensure accessibility.

The Fabled Inventory App (WIP) project

Front-End Development

(WIP) - Inventory Management Application for The Fabled, an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 Video Game.

Purely OT (2021) project

Front-End Development, UI Design

A website for an Occupational Therapy company, built using NextJS.

MyTeam project

Front-End Development

A multi-page website completed as part of a challenge, using NextJS, Styled-Components & GSAP.

Aurora Medical Shopify Store project

Project Management

Aurora's primary eCommerce website, allowing patients to purchase medicinal cannabis. Powered by Shopify.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics project

Project Management, Front-End Development

A website for a chain of Cannabis Clinics across Canada, using NextJS, Styled-Components & Contentful.

Aurora Investor Website project

Project Management, Front-End Development

A large NextJS website connected to Contentful, for Aurora's investor information.