Front-End Developer & Project Manager

Hi there! My name is Shivam Joshi, I grew up in Manchester, England, and currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I specialize in building beautiful user interfaces and managing software projects from start to finish.

About Me

I love to make things that have a positive impact on people. After receiving my bachelor's degree in Computing from Leeds Beckett University in 2017, I worked as a Project Manager in the Web & Design team at Canonical, the makers of the Ubuntu operating system, and as a Project Coordinator in the Aurora Cannabis Software Engineering team.

Working in highly experienced and talented teams, on projects which impacted millions of people has taught me a great deal about project management, front-end development, and the importance of user experience and web accessibility.

In February 2021, I left the Aurora team to focus on front-end development. I refreshed my knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and frameworks such as React, NextJS and Gatsby.

I am currently working at Xenum Technologies, a start-up based in Vancouver, focusing on building web applications for the video game industry and Web3 space, using React and NextJS.

My Skills

Through my studies and work experience, I've gained a solid understanding of front-end technologies and concepts.

Using Agile methodologies, I've also managed numerous software projects from initiation to go-live, and beyond.


  • HTML5 / CSS

  • JavaScript (ES6)

  • React

  • NextJS

  • Gatsby

  • Styled-Components

  • Sanity CMS


  • Scrum

  • Kanban

  • JIRA

  • ZenHub

  • Smartsheet

Featured Projects

Purely OT project

UI Design, Front-End Development

Refresh of Occupational Therapy website, with blog powered by Sanity CMS, forms connected to FormSpree and utilising Radix-UI headless component library to ensure accessibility.

The Fabled Inventory App (WIP) project

Front-End Development

(WIP) - Inventory Management Application for The Fabled, an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 Video Game.